How to handle a missed mortgage payment in the UAE?

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  • Importance of timely mortgage payments
  • Unforeseen circumstances and financial difficulties can lead to missed payments
  • This guide provides insights on handling missed mortgage payments in the UAE

Understanding the Consequences

1. The impact of missed mortgage payments on your credit score

2. Late payment fees and penalties imposed by lenders

3. Potential risks of foreclosure or legal action

Immediate Steps to Take

1. Assess your financial situation and identify the reasons for the missed payment

2. Contact your lender and explain the situation

3. Explore temporary relief options offered by lenders in the UAE

Available Options to Resolve the Issue

1. Loan modification or mortgage restructuring 

2.Repayment plans to catch up on missed payments

3. Refinancing your mortgage to consolidate debt or lower monthly payments

4. Selling your property as an alternative solution

Seeking Professional Assistance

1. Consulting a financial advisor or credit counselor

2. Engaging with legal professionals for guidance on legal rights and protection

Rebuilding Your Financial Stability

1. Budgeting and managing expenses effectively

2. Exploring additional sources of income

3. Reestablishing a positive credit history


  • Emphasize the importance of taking immediate action when facing a missed mortgage payment
  • Encourage readers to seek professional advice and explore available options
  • Reiterate the significance of maintaining open communication with lenders

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expat mortgage calculator

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